T is 4 Techno B Sides

T is 4 Techno B sides

T is 4 Techno B Sides features songs that never made it to the dance floor in 2018 for some reason or another. All of these songs are jams and listening back on the mix reminds me how much amazing Techno is being released. Please share this and enjoy the ride.

T is 4 Techno B Sides Track list:

  1. The Others (Julian Grede Remix) – Michael Kohlbecker – EBR Eternal Basement Recordings
  2. Midnight (Original Mix) – Ralph Kings – DataTech
  3. Last Midi On Earth (Extended Mix) – Ataxia – KMS Records
  4. JFK (Original Mix) – Solid State – Sub Cult
  5. Stranger (Original Mix) – Kxel, Hertzqvake – Pornographic Recordings
  6. Systems Automatic (Original Mix) – Henry Cullen, Tom Laws – Apex Recordings
  7. Wonder (Original Mix) – Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz – Electric Ballroom
  8. Megaboy (Original Mix) – Cinema Airport – Record Union
  9. Duality (Original mix) – Matriz Modular – Abstract State
  10. Materia Fria (Original Mix) – Disscut, Valentin Pascual – Addeepted
  11. Surrend (Ben Solar Remix) – Vontech – MTZ Noir Records
  12. Parallel (Ariato Version) (Original Stick) – Ken Ishii, Alberto Ruiz – Stickrecordings
  13. Trommelmaschine (2pole Remix) – Der Dritte Raum – Harthouse
  14. Destruction (Original Mix) – Dominik Schwarz, ASY*S – Fe Chrome
About Alien Tom

Alien Tom is a Techno Artist from San Diego, California. Tom is on the Red Alien Invasion Tour with DJ Red Sonya. He produces events with Native Alien including Native Alien Contact, T Is 4 Techno, House & Techno and Lady Lush.

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