Alien Tom is a San Diego native. Some career highlights include working with Nine Inch Nails and performing at Insomniac’s EDC and Nocturnal Wonderland.

Tom has an extensive collection of music. He is known for a having a personal unique style no matter what genre plays. If you are looking for tripped out beats with outer space sounds, you are in the right place.

DJ Mixes

Tom’s DJ mixing has shaken the dance floors at nightclubs, private events and festivals. His DJ sets, interviews and compilations have been broadcast on Southern California radio stations. Tom has been featured on KROQ, KCRW, 91X, KSDT (UCSD), KCR (SDSU) and KSDS.

He also DJ’s and makes music for the commercial world. Clients include Gibson, E3, Gunnar Optiks, M.A.C., Ocean Pacific, Sundance, Stanton DJ, Dragon Optical, Anarchy Eyewear, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers and even CAA.

Original Music

Music from all sorts of places to listen to, including songs from website exclusives, Beatport releases, Tracksource, and Soundcloud links. Be sure to share, favorite, like any and all. Buying songs is the highest form of compliment.

Red Alien Invasion

When Alien Tom teams up with DJ Red Sonya they are called Red Alien Invasion. Tom y Sonya are a match made in outer space. The energy of them together is out of this world. It’s always a party when they are playing, so be ready for a Red Alien Invasion!

Be sure to check out the annual Red Alien’s Day of The Dead mix series. These mixes feature over 15 years of Back-to-Back Techno music mixes.

Music Blog

The Blog part of this site is for status updates, links to music and videos. It’s a place to browse, comment and engage. This is where you catch the newest equipment photos, videos, DJ quotes and of course, gear reviews, demonstrations and suggestions! Be sure to check back often and feel free to share.

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