red alien day of the dead 14 album art

Red Alien Day of the Dead 14

day of the dead 14 red alien mix album art skull and marigold crown

This is Red Alien Day of the Dead 14, a mix years in the making. This is the 15th mix (2020 had 2) that Red Sonya and I have put together to celebrate those no longer with us. Each year we mourn the loss of more and more people in our private and public collective life. The mix we present here is one of our most divergent to say the least. As we take the time to remember our losses, let’s dance to honor ourselves and those in our lives now.

Red Alien Day of the Dead 14

  1. Triton (Aera Remix) – Marc Romboy, Stephan Bodzin [Systematic Recordings]
  2. Valot (Original Mix) – Peve [Akbal Music]
  3. November Rain (Original Mix) – D-Formation, Lonya [BeatFreak Recordings]
  4. Nakama (Original Mix) – Tomy Wahl, Alain Fanegas [Voyeur]
  5. Setting Of The Sun (Original Mix) – Doctor Dru [Ya Hala Ya Hala Records]
  6. Au Revoir Paris (Instrumental) – Rodriguez Jr., Liset Alea [Mobilee Records]
  7. Scatter Drill (Original Mix) – Lubelski [Club Bad]
  8. Those Kids (Original Mix) – Adrian Hour [Stereo Productions]
  9. Maharaja (Talvin Singh Remix) – Otm Shank [Pinkturban]
  10. First Blush (Original Mix) – Marc Romboy, Oniris [Systematic Recordings]
  11. Midnight Minds feat.┬áMarina Bjorn (Original Mix) – Shaded (LA) [Trick]
  12. In The Dark (Original Mix) – Sian, Sacha Robotti, Third Culture [Octopus Records]
  13. VOLT! (Original Mix) – Franck Roger [Real Tone Records]
  14. Fracture (Extended Mix) – Dataworx [Toolroom Trax]
  15. Ulm (Original Mix) – Dubfire, Kolsch [IPSO]
  16. Mine O’ Mine (Inner City Techno Remix) – Aluna & Jayda G [Mad Decent]
  17. Separate Soul (Original Mix) – Prok & Fitch [Black Book Records]
  18. Einfach Zweifach (Extended Mix) – D. Diggler, Nadja Lind [Toolroom Trax]
  19. Let’s Get Back (Original Mix) – Loco & Jam [Factory 93 Records]
  20. Metal Master – Spectrum (Bart Skils & Weska Reinterpretation) – Sven Vath [Cocoon Recordings]
  21. The Religion of Love (Francesco Mami Main Mix) – Timo Maas [Tenampa Recordings]
  22. We Are Warriors (Original Mix) – Marco Bailey [On Edge Society]
  23. Hollow Talk (Lulu Rouge’s Stella Polaris Remix) – Choir Of Young Believers [Global Underground]
  24. Umbilicis Universalis feat. Jordan Smart (Original Mix) – Pleasurekraft, Jordan Smart [Kraftek]

Sharing is caring, please forward far and wide, the world can use the healing energy that we put in every year. The Red Alien Day of the Dead mix is our small way that we participate. Peace, love, unity and respect.

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