Alien Tom – Trapped (Trap Mix)

This Alien Tom Trapped (Trap mix) is the culmination of eating too many burgers and hotdogs. In addition, watching 3 games in a row. All of this while hanging in a parking lot at The Tailgate Truck. In other words, I spent a weekend helping Amish getting WordPress work done. Of course he had a bunch of ‘new’ songs on a USB drive. We listened to all this music. It wasn’t the Techno I love and normally play. I had to admit, the production was pretty amazing.

Well, he left the USB thumb drive so I plugged it in. For better and for worse, this Trap mix exists now. It’s not the first time Amish left something at my house. He dropped off the original score from the Devdas soundtrack. Now, my remix of Silsila Ye Chaahat Ka is the most popular thing on my site. Thanks for listening, don’t get caught in the Trap, mix it up a bit.

alien tom drop trap

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