Day of The Dead Pt 1

Red Alien – Day Of The Dead 12.1 (Techno Mix)

Day of the Dead 2020 happens in a year of such pain and anguish. It’s only fitting that 2 mixes are to come out of this year. Day of the Dead 12.1 is a mix of spooky Techno that is defined by the 12 year series. Come dance, remember those no longer with us and stay safe.

Red Alien – Day Of The Dead 12.1 Set List

  1. Lily’s Life (Original Mix) – Chambord [Sol Selectas]
  2. Tapisl (Tunnelvisions Remix) – boys be kko [Atomnation]
  3. You (Original Mix) – ALMA (GER) [Definition:Music]
  4. Pá (Bedouin Remix) – LUM [Amores Solitares]
  5. Promises (Original Mix) – Hraach [Hoomidaas]
  6. Kevlar (Original Mix) – &lez [JEAHMON!]
  7. Ancient Past (Original Mix) – Guy Maayan [Sol Selectas]
  8. Hypernova (Original Mix) – blaktone [Blaufield Music]
  9. Racket Abuse (Original Mix) – Dave Seaman [Selador]
  10. Heart Signs (Chaim Remix) – dOP [Eleatics Records]
  11. Dance with My Ghost (Extended Mix) – CamelPhat, Elderbrook [RCA Records]
  12. Acid Monks (Original Mix) – Ken Hayakawa, T Raum [Upon You Records]
  13. Clairvoyant Dreams (Original Mix)- Nebula (AR) [Sol Selectas]
  14. Pure Joy (Original Mix) – T Raum [Upon You Records]
  15. Acid Flashes (Original Mix) – Whitesquare [Whitesquare Series]
  16. 0.0455 (Original Mix) – dubspeeka [Korpus 9]
  17. Silence (Original Mix) – T Raum, The Cable Boy [Upon You Records]
  18. Cruising Waves (Original Mix) – Bart Skils [Truesoul]
  19. Other Spheres (Original Mix) – HANSN, Leo Beltramo [Parquet Recordings]
  20. Jupiter (Original Mix) – Spartaque, Alan Wools [Codex Recordings]

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