JBL Marquis Dance Club Series (Vintage)

*this product is Vintage Discontinued JBL Product

I was invited to the JBL Pro sound stage to have a listen to the Marquis Dance Club Series loudspeaker systems. The Marquis systems were “designed for high performance dance clubs.”

jbl marquis dance club series speakers

JBL Marquis Dance Club

The JBL Marquis Dance Club systems are geared for the large and mega club designers to use for installation sound. I am sure we will see someone lugging these systems around some of the bigger markets out there and those will be an exception. No matter what the use is, the available configurations are pretty cool. You could use the smaller set ups for VIP lounge areas and scale up from there.

Some technical things that make the JBL Marquis stand out for me are the “Selenium Ultra High Frequency Drivers,” “Progressive Transition Waveguides,” and the “Differential Drive” speaker technology. What does all that marketing speak mean?

Well, the the tweeters on this thing are sick, they look like and are called ‘bullet’ drivers. Wow, the high end is really clear, no matter where you stand. Up close, far back, and in the middle of the room all sounded totally wicked. Sizzle without the shrill. I kept looking at the db meter and it was registering higher than I thought. The highs were so smooth.


JBL – Disco to Super Club

The Marquis have a wide dispersion. I was walking around a lot to hear how the stacks sounded close, far and sweet spot. ‘Waveguides’ do their thing for sure. There was an even sound and it did not seem to be as directional as some other systems I have been hearing around town.

According to JBLs Jon Seger, the two voice coils in the “Differential Drive” allow for less power consumption. Also, the subwoofers have ‘Vented Gap Cooling” which allows for the extra cooling. That is something the all night super club sound systems require. For me, I could tell the bass was so clean. In addition, there was a quality in the air movement that I have not really heard before in a system like this.


JBL Pro is a benchmark of quality and is around already 60 plus years. Were you looking to install sound in your venue? You would be hard pressed to find a better, more reliable solution. Are you catering to superstar DJs and want the best sound to showcase them?  The JBL Marquis system is a new standard. You will be seeing more of these speaker systems around the world.

Speaking of installations, these things look awesome and are built to handle club abuse. The JBL Marquis speakers are designed to be stacked.  Also, hardware is available to secure the speakers and adjust for coverage area. They can also be flown together above the dance floor.

I can’t wait to play on these in a club soon.

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