An American (Original Mix)

Roxy SaintAn American, the title track to the Alien Tom album EP.

This song, features the vocal of Roxy Saint. The song also features sound design by Tobias Enhus.  This was one of the first songs completed for the album.

This song was mixed and mastered by Tech Itch. We were in the process of mixing down my album when my old hard drive went down. We were 3 songs in so not all was lost. This song, Out There Somewhere and Place of Places were completed and together make an EP.

About Alien Tom

Alien Tom is a Techno Artist from San Diego, California. Tom is on the Red Alien Invasion Tour with DJ Red Sonya. He produces events with Native Alien including Native Alien Contact, T Is 4 Techno, House & Techno and Lady Lush.

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