My DJ mixes are always a unique sequence of songs. As Alien Tom, I strive to create a continuous journey through time and space with each set. On this site, you can stream, share and download my DJ mix sets, live recordings, podcasts, and radio show appearances. The electronic music I represent spans from the mid-90s to the newest releases of today, encompassing various styles.

Additionally, I am joined by DJ Red Sonya, as one half of Red Alien, also known as “Red Alien Invasion”. Our Techno mixes are full of energetic music that will keep you grooving all night. There are various ways to listen to our sets, including subscribing to the podcast using RSS, so you won’t miss a beat. Of course, our DJ mix downloads are not the only music available on the site.

As a producer, I’m always busy in the studio working on new tracks and occasionally collaborating with others. You can also check out my original music production on the site. If you’ve made it this far, you might be interested in more. Would you like to book me as a guest DJ for a live stream or hire me to make a custom DJ mix? Just say hi, and let’s make it happen!