Diablo - October 26th 2012

Diablo October 26th 2012

DJ Red Sonya and myself will be djing at Diablo on October 26th 2012.

Diablo - October 26th 2012

Friday October 26th, Join Love -n- Happiness at the Haunting Lair. Come listen, observe, and experience what our friends have in store as you ascend up the creaking stairway and travel through chilling hallways to our ghostly chambers. Let the pulsing vibrations be your guide as you find your way through a not-so-familiar place you think safe. Remember the power and safety that come with the friendship you bring. You will be responsible for them. Come to the place where mere mortals live to die for.

Diablo DJs

  • Sunshine Jones (King Street, Treehouse Muzique, Sunday Soul, Imperial DUB Recordings, Dubtribe Sound System)
  • Justin Long (.dotbleep/liaison artists)
  • Adnan Sharif
  • Alien Tom (Stanton, Native Alien)
  • Red Sonya (Pocket Underground, Native Alien)
  • Dougal (F.A.M.I.L.Y.)
  • Lou (Sacred Grounds)
  • G-Dubbs (Sacred Grounds)
  • Eddie B (HAWT, Jel-O)
  • Kenji (Love -n- Happiness)

Rules to Obey

  • Wear something to blend in. Mortal wear will not do.
  • No children are allowed as they may never return.
  • Beware of the neighbors while you creep in and as you bid farewell.
  • What happens behind our doors will remain there forever.
  • Arrive early and be sure to bring your death certificate.


$15 and $20 Passes will be available until sold out. Very Limited $10 Passes will be available via DJs. Please contact your guide if you can only afford ONE of these passes. Only 1 $10 pass per soul. There will be no passes sold at the event.

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