Douche Jockey

Douche Jockey is when a DJ that is not playing hi-fives a DJ during their set to show how good of friends they are. 


Program Your Way Out Of It

Sometimes you just have to program your way out of it. 


Looking For The Formula

I am looking for the formula for matching what’s special about what I’ve got to express with an appreciative audience that’s big enough for me to succeed.

I paraphrased this from a Jim McCarthy article. I thought it was a nice way to think of the balance of art and commerce.


The Nude Bowl Skateboard Pool 2016

I was browsing around youtube and stumbled across this 2016 video footage from The Nude Bowl skateboard pool. This legendary pool had been skated up until it was buried.

Looks like it has sprung back to life. We are going to go get pics and can’t wait to go skate. Here is another recent vid of Chris Russell shredding the reborn landmark.


Alien Tom Techno Music Mix Summer 2016

Alien Tom Techno music mix for summer 2016 with Techno songs from the Elevate, Kling Klong, SCI+TEC and Stickrecordings labels. Techno artists on this mix include Cari Lekebusch, Phunk Investigation, Carl Craig and Green Velvet, Pig & Dan and more.

Track list as follows:
Space (Original Mix) – Stefano Pini – Harthouse
Mental Species (Original Mix) – Christian Hornbostel – Kling Klong
Cuch1L0V3 (Mark Mywords Remix) – JSPR – Orange Recordings
Quetzalcoatl (Petter B Remix) – Cari Lekebusch – Sleaze Records (UK)
Bundle (Original Mix) Justin Schumacher – ELEVATE
Ears Buzzin (Original Mix) Milos Pesovic – Egothermia
Turn On (Original Mix) Phunk Investigation – Phunk Traxx
Number Eight (El Chino Remix) – Marc B — Krannit Records
Goose (Original Mix) – Ron Costa – SCI+TEC
Dogs (Original Mix) – DJ Wady, Roger Vasha – Be One Records
Old School (Original Mix) – Sinisa Tamamovic – SCI+TEC
So What (Loco & Jam Remix) – Carl Craig, Green Velvet – Relief
Red Light (Original Mix) – Kardinal, Lowkey – Phobiq
Sunset Beach (Original Stick) – Marc Maya – Stickrecordings
Rules (Original Mix) – Matt & Lukk – Kool Katz Recordings
Freak Noyz (Original Mix) – Mr Wox, NiLO.R – Gain Records
Confused (Original Mix) Sinisa Tamamovic – Yoshitoshi Recordings
Stuhka (Original Mix) – Remy Unger – ELEVATE
She Was (Original Mix) – Alen Nezvi – Phunk Traxx
Modular Baptism (Original Mix) – Pig & Dan – ELEVATE
The Function (Original Mix) – Martin Eyerer, Ackermann – Kling Klong
Pressure Drop (Original Mix) – Axel Karakasis – Evolution
House Is Mine (Original Mix) – Dino Maggiorana – Unity Records
Fiction (Alberto Ruiz Rmx) – Marc B, Javi Row, Jonathan Colell – Stickrecordings
Sovietik (Original Mix) Dani Sbert – Sbert Records
Infinite (Original Mix) Raul Facio – SCI+TEC

These are some of the ever flow of amazing techno music that have caught my ear. Leave other techno songs that you are listening to in the comments. Thank you for listening.


Native Alien Presents House & Techno

Saturday June 4th, 2016. Native Alien Presents House and Techno. Dance Klassique residents and all around Native Aliens join us for the night of house music and techno. Sarah Cranberry will be adding the violin touch as only she can. We Are One is bringing the Pure Groove for hi fidelity audio.



Sweetened Condensed Milk

Why do we use anything besides sweetened condensed milk in our coffee


Nothing Else

Nothing Else on Soundcloud.


Native Alien Contact 2016

Native Alien Contact. July 1,2,3 2016. Desert Hot Springs, California.

Native Alien Contact 2016
Buy Tickets and call the hotel to book your room, this is our 5th Contact, and now in California!



Milk is a meme.