Native Alien Contact 2016

Native Alien Contact. July 1,2,3 2016. Desert Hot Springs, California.

Native Alien Contact 2016
Buy Tickets and call the hotel to book your room, this is our 5th Contact, and now in California!


Sweetened Condensed Milk

Why do we use anything besides sweetened condensed milk in our coffee


Nothing Else

Nothing Else on Soundcloud.



Milk is a meme. 


Bounce Sundays Brickyard Special Edition

A Get Down Society / Drummer John Event

This is a Special Interactive Edition of Bounce
We are creating a Bouncy fun Environment
Adding to the Fun will be Bounce House and Hippity Hop races.

BOUNCE was created with the intention of the creating a space for House Music loving people in an [Read more…]


Techno Right Now

Techno right now is the best house you’ve ever heard.


Change Your Thoughts

Change your thoughts and you can change your world


The Return – Alien Tom vs Jeff Bloom

The Return – Alien Tom vs Jeff Bloom. Blackfish records. 1997. Video includes orca footage and dolphin sounds.


The Story Of Technoviking

The Story Of Techno Viking is a documentary film about the boss of internet memes. Here is the story from Matthias who filmed and posted the original footage.

The Story Of Technoviking – Short Version – English Subtitles from Matthias Fritsch on Vimeo.

The Story Of Technoviking;

by Matthias Fritsch;

50min english subs 720p;

Edit 2015-10-14

Contact him in case you like to see the full 90min film!

more info:

Techno Viking himself does not want any part of this, and has sued the artist into bankruptcy.

Who is Techno Viking? Do you think he should have a lawsuits for this? Will this happen to any other meme?


Halloween Vs. Dia de los Muertos

Halloween Vs. Dia de los Muertos
Saturday, October 31st, 2015
@ The Glashaus / Barrio Logan

There is a time to be good, and a time to be bad, but this time all good times will be had! Halloween night, join us if you dare for the most Spooktacular event of the year! You ghosts and goblins are invited to come early from 8-10 PM and enjoy Trick or Treating at The Glashaus! Then ask your parents to take you home, because the Freaks come out at night! At 10pm, the countdown to Dia De Los Muertos begins….The dead will arrive at 1am, and they will be judging your best costume! Don’t be late! [Read more…]