Too Many DJs. 

Not enough talent. 


It’s Always The Nice Yards

That dogs poop on. 


Red Alien Invasion Techno And Tequila

Thursday April 30, 2015. Red Alien Invasion for Techno And Tequila at El Camino in San Diego.
Red Alien Invaion Techno And Tequila El Camino

Memo Rex along with Sté play warm up sets.


Calories Don’t Count

When you are standing up.  



Another Day At The Office

I love my job.



Getting The Kick Right

Starts by recording a great sounding kick.


New Years Eve Leftovers

New Years Eve Leftovers. Ballast Point, Guinness Draught and Shock-Top.



The Dogs Are Barking

Nobody Cares.


Über California

Über California is my name of the geographic region encompassing land on both sides of the United States and Mexico border. The area referred to as Über California includes Los Angeles and Ensenada and stretches from Point Conception just north of Santa Barbara to La Bufadora just south of Ensenada. The desert areas are also part of UberCalifornia including Mohave, San Bernadino and Mexicali.


Fire Garden Sundaze Desert Dwellers

Red Sonya and I recently went to the Fire Garden. Sundaze returned with Treavor from Desert Dwellers playing the closing set.

Fire Garden Visit

Thank you Alan B for snapping the pic, right at sunset when the light is just so.