Alien Tom Ragga Drum and Bass Mix

Here is an Alien Tom Ragga Drum and Bass Mix.
Alien Tom Ragga DNB Mix
Hope your day is filled with fun. Please listen, stream, download, and pass to the left.


Alien Tom Nosh Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball DJ Mix

Here is my DJ mix recorded live at Nosh Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball. The party was at a private location in the hills of California. We played on the Cerwin Vega P-Series Speakers. The people danced all night. There were good vibes for sure and I am looking forward to the next event at this special location.


@alientomdotcom Contact 2013 DJ Mix

Here is the mix I did for Contact 2013. My favorite place to perform is outside under the stars. To me, music sounds so much better outdoors. This 2.5 hour mix even includes a couple songs by Red Sonya and Me. Enjoy.


Trap Mix

alien tom drop trap

This Trap Mix is the culmination of eating too many burgers and hotdogs and watching 3 games in a row on The Tailgate Truck.


Day of the Dead 4

Red Alien Invasion Day of the Dead 4This is the 4th mix in a series from the Red Alien Invasion in honor of the Day of the Dead celebration. This techno and tech house mix is over 2 hours and is the culmination of over a years worth of collecting music. Songs by Marco Bailey, Alessandro Izzo, Kosheen DJs, and more.


Spectral Presentation

alien tom spectral presentationSpectral Presentation, an Alien Tom studio mix. Download and enjoy these techno songs.



alien tom eclipsedEclipsed, an Alien Tom studio mix made up of the techno songs that have made it to the crate this 2011 year. Tracks by Glitter, Tim J, Nik Feral, Ramirez Resso and more.


Day of the Dead 3

Red Alien Day of the Dead 3Day of the Dead 3, a Red Alien Mix.

Alien Tom and Red Sonya put together a selection of spooky Techno and and Tech House for those no longer with us.


Vámonos Red Alien Mix

Red Alien Studio Mix! This mix is very much inspired by our recent trip to Baja California.

Red Sonya and I had so much fun playing our tech house sound for the music loving party-goers in Mexico, and can’t wait to go back! Until then, download our new mix ¡Vámonos!


Maximal Tendencies

maximal tendenciesMaximal Tendencies, a mix by Alien Tom, features 13 tech house songs by artists including, Spartaque, Steve Mulder and Phunk Investigation.

Track list: [Read more…]