Drumcell Kava Sessions

On Saturday June 26th, Red Alien stopped in on the Kava Lounge. Drumcell from Droid Behavior was performing. Great night of techno!


DJ Red Sonya Live At Swiv Tackle Circus

DJ Red Sonya Live At Swiv Tackle Circus. The Chelsea B Swim fashion show / Keep A Breast Fundraiser Filmed by Alien Tom in Oceanside, CA. 6/13/09


Winter Wonderland (Alien Tom Remix)

Alien Tom’s version of Winter Wonderland, the all time most popular song for this holiday.


San Diego CityBeat OB24

Click the link below to see the article OB24, it was the cover story for the July 9th edition of the San Diego City Beat Magazine. Four writers + 24 hours of music = trouble. San Diego CityBeat – Front Page


Alien Tom Discogs

Discogs listing for Alien Tom. Here you will see Alien Tom credited on, Nine Inch Nails, Flaming Lips, Meatbeat Manifesto, Rob D and more.


DJ Syrena SheJay Biography

DJ Syrena mentions Alien Tom as a studio production partner in her She Jay biography.


Kava Lounge Liquor Launch Night

Kava Lounge celebrating their newly acquired liquor license with Liquor Launch Night, Saturday May 6th, 2006. Pocket Live and Alien Tom perform.


Photek Remix Magazine

Alien Tom mentioned in the Remix Magazine Photek interview


TEKDBZ Heat Volume 1

Alien Tom listed as an artist on the TEKDBZ DOA mix along with Photek, DJ Craze, Infiltrata, Hochi and MC Messinian and more.


Stanton DJ Interview

Alien Tom Exclusive Stanton Interview October 2004


We Are One

We Are One have supported Alien Tom activities since before Aliens were Native.


Massv Urb Magazine

In the mid 90’s, Alien Tom contributed party reviews for an Urb Magazine insert called Massv.