T is 4 Techno B Sides

T is 4 Techno B sides

T is 4 Techno B Sides features songs that never made it to the dance floor in 2018 for some reason or another. All of these songs are jams and listening back on the mix reminds me how much amazing Techno is being released. Please share this and enjoy the ride.

T is 4 Techno B Sides Track list:

  1. The Others (Julian Grede Remix) – Michael Kohlbecker – EBR Eternal Basement Recordings
  2. Midnight (Original Mix) – Ralph Kings – DataTech
  3. Last Midi On Earth (Extended Mix) – Ataxia – KMS Records
  4. JFK (Original Mix) – Solid State – Sub Cult
  5. Stranger (Original Mix) – Kxel, Hertzqvake – Pornographic Recordings
  6. Systems Automatic (Original Mix) – Henry Cullen, Tom Laws – Apex Recordings
  7. Wonder (Original Mix) – Thomas Schumacher, Victor Ruiz – Electric Ballroom
  8. Megaboy (Original Mix) – Cinema Airport – Record Union
  9. Duality (Original mix) – Matriz Modular – Abstract State
  10. Materia Fria (Original Mix) – Disscut, Valentin Pascual – Addeepted
  11. Surrend (Ben Solar Remix) – Vontech – MTZ Noir Records
  12. Parallel (Ariato Version) (Original Stick) – Ken Ishii, Alberto Ruiz – Stickrecordings
  13. Trommelmaschine (2pole Remix) – Der Dritte Raum – Harthouse
  14. Destruction (Original Mix) – Dominik Schwarz, ASY*S – Fe Chrome

Future Sounds FNOOB Techno

On Monday, December 17, 2018 at 8pm (pst) catch my set on the Future Sounds Podcast hosted by Jon E Thin. Check out what San Diego has to say about Techno right now and hear future sounds of Techno.


T is 4 Techno Holiday Party

T is 4 Techno is celebrating the holidays in style at Fluxx Nightclub in downtown San Diego, California. Forget the snow and Winter Wonderland remixes and get down to the sounds of Dance Spirit! Supporting their set we have Michi! Laura Peck is on warm up duties and we have DJ Red Sonya stepping up to close out the night B2B with me! Get your tickets on Eventbrite and we will see you all on the dance floor! VĂ¡monos!

T is 4 Techno Holiday Party

Warehaus Techno Mix

This warehaus Techno mix was recorded on an iPhone with the new Pioneer App! I used the DJM-REC app, the DJM900NXS2 and 2 CDJ2000NXS2 to make this Techno mix

alien tom warehaus session techno mix

Techno Mix Track List

  1. The Shutter (Original Mix) Psycho8ktive – Original Traxx Records
  2. Korrupted (Remediation Remix) Footwork Fuel – OBSKUR MUSIC
  3. Space Raiders (Original Mix) Eats Everything – Kneaded Pains
  4. Each Being (Original Mix) Disscut, Valentin Pascual – Addeepted
  5. Wisdom to the Wise (Red 2) (A. Mochi Re-Edit) Dave Clarke – Boysnoize Records
  6. Grindhouse feat. Danton Eeprom (Slam ‘Drum’ Mix) Radio Slave, Danton Eeprom – Rekids
  7. Expression (Original Mix) Dino Maggiorana – Bitten
  8. Do You Want (CJ Bolland Remix) Ben Knoxx – Bonzai Basiks
  9. Move With Me (Original Mix) Rudosa – Suara
  10. Shadow Believers (The Advent & Industrializer Repaint) Alex Bau – Credo
  11. Sin (Original Mix) Mid City – Minimal Sessions
  12. Antonym (Original Mix) Slam – Soma Records
  13. Situation (Original Mix) Natalino Nunes – Jays Records
  14. Embody (Original Mix) Thomas Schumacher – Noir Music
  15. Miracle Man (Original Mix) Private Press – Rekids
  16. The Power Of Acid (Original Mix) Giovanni Carozza, Black Shade – Suara
  17. Done (Original Mix) Noir, Cari Golden – Noir Music


Facebook Slow

Wow Facebook, slow as molasses. I’ve got MacBook Pro, 16gigs of ram and Google Webpass! Page load times for business manager are excruciating.


Googling Microsoft

Googling how to use Microsoft


Good Measure

When they say, one more for good measure, that is not measuring good!


Day of the Dead 10

Day of the Dead 10 marks ten years of Red Alien mixes celebrating those no longer with us. This annual tradition is what spooky is to Halloween. We look for this music year round. Check out the mix on the DJ Red Sonya website! 


Uber Driver Music Not Sorted

Uber driver music not sorted at all by any means. I ride a lot of Uber and the music is random at best and terrible most of the time. There has to be a better basic standard for what is at least a theme


Alien Tom – Last Chance (Original Mix)

Alien Tom’s original track “Last Chance” is out now on Beatport, released by Stripped Digital. The track has been featured on Norman H’s compilation called “Swimming in a Digital Sea” volume 6 alongside the label owner’s favorite artists.

Check it out in SoundCloud here:

And pick up the track or the whole album on beatport here:

Thank you for supporting the music!