About Alien Tom

Alien Tom has been delivering fresh music and funky beats from another planet since aliens were indians. Tom is a skilled DJ, music engineer, arranger and producer. He has worked in studio with Nine Inch Nails and Photek. Currently, he is on the Red Alien Invasion Tour with DJ Red Sonya, producing the Native Alien Events and releasing music.

alien tom

As a DJ, he has performed at numerous electronic music festivals including Narnia, Electric Daisy Carnival and Nocturnal Wonderland. He shakes the dance floor at clubs such as Eurobar, Zanzibar and Spin Nightclub. His DJ sets and compilations have been heard on Southern California radio stations KROQ, KCRW, 91X and KSDS. Tom has also has also made music for the commercial world with clients such as M.A.C., Ocean Pacific, Sundance, Stanton DJ, Dragon Optical, Anarchy Eyewear, 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers.

Tom is releasing songs and remixes on Stripped Digital and is in the studio working on new material.

Alien Tom’s remixes and productions include Nine Inch Nails “All The Love In The World” and  Flaming Lips ”Ego Trippin Through the Gates of Hell” (Ego In Acceleration). Alien Tom also mixed the Gavin Hardkiss song “Necrotone” out on Eight Tracks. Check out Alien Tom on Beatport.

Alien Tom