About Alien Tom

alien tom

Alien Tom is a Techno Artist from San Diego, California. Currently Tom is on the Red Alien Invasion Tour with DJ Red Sonya. Additionally, he produces events with Native Alien including Native Alien ContactT Is 4 Techno, House & Techno and Lady Lush. Tom is releasing songs and remixes on Stripped Digital and is always in the studio working on new material. Check out his Techno DJ mixes, Techno music productions and of course Techno on Beatport.

Alien Tom DJ

Alien Tom has been delivering fresh music and funky beats from another planet since aliens were indians. Tom is a skilled Techno DJ, music engineer, arranger and producer. He has worked with Nine Inch Nails, Meatbeat Manifesto, and Photek.

Also, as a DJ, he has performed at numerous electronic music festivals including Narnia, EDC and Nocturnal Wonderland. He shakes the dance floor at clubs such as Blonde, Spin Nightclub and Fluxx. His DJ sets, interviews and compilations have been broadcast on Southern California radio stations KROQ, KCRW, 91X and KSDS. Tom has also has also made music for the commercial world. Past and current clients include Gunnar Optiks, M.A.C., Ocean Pacific, Sundance, Stanton DJ, Dragon Optical, Anarchy Eyewear, 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers. Alien Tom’s appears as DJ on the song from Nine Inch Nails, “All The Love In The World.”

Red Alien Invasion

At some point, Alien Tom was introduced to DJ Red Sonya and there was a ‘shift’ in the universe. The two started playing 4 turntables together and then continued to DJ separately and as a duo. When they play together it is the #RedAlienInvasion and it’s always a good time. Not long after, they started Lady Lush as a collaboration with André Couturier Maitret. Art and style mix along with Sonya and friends DJ sets for a great night out. Photography and production is handled by Tom. Stay tuned, this sparked a partnership beyond the one club night and continues to this day.

A while back, Tom celebrated a fundamental earth bound milestone at a hot springs and Native Alien Contact was born. This annual resort takeover called Contact is your vacation from tent camping festivals. The hot springs, hotel rooms, spa treatments, restaurant and bar add up to an ultimate experience. Sign up for the newsletter to keep informed of the next adventures. 

Additionally, Tom started the T is 4 Techno parties at Blonde Bar. This night began with a bang and presented local and guest Techno DJs. A year later, the T is 4 Techno banner is raised at Fluxx Nightclub in downtown San Diego. Alien Tom maintains the resident slot along with Sonya. He helps curate the night with the help of DJ Red Sonya and the night features the best of the San Diego, Los Angeles, Tijuana and rest of the international Techno DJ community. Don’t miss his Techno sets!

alien tom